Can Dogs Eat Chocolate?


Dogs Can’t Eat Chocolate!

Though many human foods are safe in moderate amounts, chocolate is not one of them.  Chocolate can make dogs very ill and can even be fatal.  Veterinarians say it is the most common cause of dogs being poisoned.  Veterinarian Michelle DeHaven of Smyrna, GA said the worst case of chocolate poisoning she ever experienced was an eight-pound poodle that was given one pound of chocolate for his birthday.

“We had to treat the dog with fluids and anti-seizure medication for five days. Every time we stopped the meds he would start seizuring again. You wouldn’t feed a kid a pound of chocolate, but they fed it to a small dog.”

There is no safe quantity of chocolate for a dog to have.  The worst and most poisonous are dark chocolate and baker’s chocolate.  Though milk chocolate and white chocolate are not as dangerous, it is still recommended they be avoided.

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